Contact Points

At Contact Points, we empower the children through education and provide a range of fun, creative ways for them to learn essential life and leadership schools. We identify a location where there is a large concentration of street-connected children. This could be a market, a tourist place, a slum or a place of religious importance. Our front line workers, whom we call ‘street educators’ visit these locations and create connections with 30-40 children. Seeking cooperation from the community members, a meeting place (contact point) is then identified, which acts as a place of active engagement with children. Each contact point is made equipped to empower children, through alternative education and the associated activities such as play, games, visiting health centres and police stations. After enhancing the children’s learning level, they are mainstreamed in government schools or encouraged to join a formal school. Besides education, the intervention also helps in facilitating improved protection cover and solidarity among peers, which results in reducing their vulnerability level. This model ideally works with even number and minimum 10 contact points.

Uday: HCL Foundation’s Urban CSR program

“HCL Uday” works towards equitable and sustainable development of migratory and displaced population in Urban India. As a part of Uday, CHETNA in Noida and Lucknow aims at facilitating education and holistic development for children (7-17 years old). The project is spread out in the two locations through Contact Points and Education Resource Centres. Reaching out to over 3000 beneficiaries, the project uses formal and non-formal means of education and development to work towards its aim.

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Empowering Street Children through Education and Sports

This intervention in Gurgaon has touched many lives with an aim to build a better society by empowering its biggest asset – the young minds. With a combination of several activities and initiatives like festivities, events, cultural experiences, life skill workshops, exposure visits, sports, interfaces between the children and the police, the team of the project has offered their best endeavor in making world a better place for over 500 children.

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SURE: Sports for United Resilience

Project SURE operates with the objective to increase the potential of 400 of the most vulnerable street-connected children in West Delhi to improve their lives through sports and alternative education to deal with daily life challenges. It includes developing the basic skills of reading and writing, imparting life skills and uniting them to realize their right to protection. Through use of sports, children are made aware about child rights, health & hygiene, ways to protect themselves and report abuse.

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