Other Activities organized by CHETNA

Police Station Visits

Hearing the problem of street and working children SP City Mr. Pawan Kumar

The purpose of these visits is to try and build a relationship between the police and the children, removing any existing unpleasantness in their relationship. On one hand it helps to reduce the fear many children have of the police. On the other it helps the police better understand Street and Working Children and their rights.

Residential Workshops

Residential Workshop

Every year we hold various residential workshops with the primary focus of enhancing the child participants’ understanding of their own situations, how they developed and what they imply for the future.

At these events the children undertake various activities such as group work, each session drawing on the previous ones; ice-breakers and games; role plays, drawing, singing and dancing; sports, and leisurely activities such as watching movies together.

The final goal of the workshops is to prompt a visible change in the participants’ lives, be it reunion with their families, shifting to an NGO-run shelter home, or at least reducing their consumption of addictive and harmful substances. Despite the difficult circumstances the children come from and how it affects their abilities to partake in exercises requiring focus and attention, our desired outcomes of the workshops are reached to a great extent.

Police Training

Police Training

We provide training sessions for the police to raise their awareness of issues relating to street and working children. In order for the police to better implement laws related to children, they must have an understanding of a child’s psyche and why they can slip into crime. Changing the police’s perception of Street and Working Children is invaluable when it comes to ensuring their rights are respected.

Training of Stakeholders

Click here to watch training of CWC (Child Welfare Committee) in UP getting trained by CHETNA-Plan

Click here to watch consultation on Government Policies & Programmes for Street-Connected Children organized by CHETNA-Hope-CSC in London