Street to School

The opportunity to work cultivated by community livelihood practices and nearby market areas attract street-connected children in a large number. These children earn their livelihood by picking rags, work in industry, selling petty goods, working as domestic servants, and sometimes by begging. Their life is heavily deprived of the basic necessities of childhood, such as, education, nutrition, recreation, etc. Even if admitted to schools, they often have to drop out due to lack of parental support, lack of special attention and facilities in schools and peer pressure. Hence the unique ‘Street to School” project was initiated in 2015 to admit and retain street connected children in local government schools. Consisting of a combined package of activities such as home visits, school visits, teachers’ training, parents’ meetings, providing remedial education and life skills workshops to children, this model has emerged as a huge success, and is observing exponential increase in the number of beneficiaries every year. In 2018, Street to School reached out to 4648 direct and indirect beneficiaries. The project is currently implemented in west and east districts of Delhi.

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