Residential Workshops

Every year we hold various residential workshops with the primary focus of enhancing the child participants’ understanding of their own situations, how they developed and what they imply for the future. These workshops typically run across 3 nights and 4 days, in a peaceful environment away from the hustle-bustle of the street life that children are otherwise subject to.

At these events the children undertake various activities such as group work, each session drawing on the previous ones; ice-breakers and games; role plays, drawing, singing and dancing; sports, and leisurely activities such as watching movies together.

The final goal of the workshops is to prompt a visible change in the participants’ lives- be it reunion with their families, shifting to an NGO-run shelter home, reducing their consumption of addictive and harmful substances, a shift in attitude towards education and leadership. Despite the difficult circumstances the children come from and how it affects their abilities to partake in exercises requiring focus and attention, our desired outcomes of the workshops have been reached to a great extent.

A signature activity that has portrayed commendable results every year, CHETNA has conducted over 30 workshops since 2002. (1500-1800 child leaders)